As healthcare organizations look to transform healthcare by providing better healthcare, improving the health of their patients, and reducing costs, the need to more effectively and efficiently coordinate the care of patients has never been more important.

The electronic transmission of patient health information between health care providers in a timely, secure, and confidential manner is an important next step in the evolution of health care delivery in the Granite State.

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Who is the New Hampshire Health Information Organization (NHHIO)?

  • NHHIO is a non-profit organization, created by New Hampshire legislation and governed by a multi-stakeholder board of health care providers, consumers, employers, state agencies, and others.

What is NHHIO building?

  • NHHIO is establishing an electronic network to transmit protected health information (PHI) between health care providers in a timely, secure, and confidential manner.

Is patient information safe?

  • NHHIO uses fully certified software applications and federal standards of communication to ensure that all information sent through NHHIO is secured and encrypted.
  • All participants of NHHIO agree to a stringent agreement ensuring that they comply with all State and Federal laws regarding the protection of PHI, as well as NHHIO policies and procedures.
  • NHHIO is NOT building a centralized repository of clinical data. Instead, NHHIO facilitates the secure transmission of PHI for treatment purposes between health care providers, replacing unreliable paper based faxing and mailing.

What is the value to healthcare providers?

  • Provider organizations can increase efficiency by sending data using a single electronic network instead of building multiple connections, or using traditional unsecure paper methods.
  • Provider organizations working towards compliance with Meaningful Use objectives can use NHHIO to transmit Summary of Care records as well as public health information to the State.
  • The sharing of electronic structured data will increase the efficiency of capturing clinical information and increase the effectiveness of electronic health records (EHR).

Do I need an Electronic Health Record to participate?

  • No. NHHIO offers several methods of connecting to the HIE, including a web-based email product that will allow all providers to benefit from the electronic exchange of information.

What is the value to patients?

  • Better coordination of care can lead to significant improvements: lower costs, increased efficiency, and increased quality of care. These all can lead to a better patient experience.

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